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[2016-09-16 - 13:36] 4. Updated Gallery

All photos until today are uploaded. The script in the background got optimized, so the pictures should appear in Google Image Search soon. Further improvements will come.

[2016-05-02 - 15:15] 3. Photos From April Are Up

Some new photos taken this April can be found in the Gallery.

[2016-03-06 - 10:05] 2. All Photos Uploaded

In the past I had all my photos hosted by one of those many photo sharing communities, but their servers ate each photo within a short time, so I decided to host them here on my own domain. You can find my photos in the Gallery. The descriptions are still missing, but will be added one by one.

This website usues partially a Content Management System (CMS) I wrote myself - it offers an event calendar, guestbook, news feed, gallery and some more features.

[2016-02-03 - 11:30] 1. New Article: Fixing Errors On Mesh Upload

A new article about Fixing Errors On Mesh Upload has been added. Previously it has been shared in-world as a note card. But from now on I will host it here only. Check it for updates if you run in any problem with your mesh uploads.