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[2021-10-28 - 01:52] 12. New En Garde Elo Ratings

Dear Duellists


At the suggestion of our new group member, Miss Fenwitch (ecsammie), I began implementing an Elo Rating to the SL En Garde Ranking system. The Elo Rating system originally was developed by Arpad Elo as an improved Chess rating system, but later found its way into other sports and computer games. Read more about it here:


When playing on our four pistes in the fencing hall, you will receive an IM, telling your current Elo as soon you hop onto a piste. It is based upon all duels you had so far, as a registered duellist. As soon as a duel has ended, you will again get notified about your updated Elo. Give it a test: Teleport to Caledon Oxbridge Fencing


When playing at other places, your duels are already considered for Elo -  just that the tracker does not tell you the Elo yet. Those places might update soon. Additionally, there is a new page on my website, listing all duellists and their Elo. It excludes registered duellists with an Elo of exactly 1200, because this is the value a duellists begins with. The page also shows the Elo Distribution, which ideally is a normal distribution, with a slight drift to the (b)right side. See it here:


Please note: Whether the Elo Rating system is applicable for En Garde at all, has to be seen later on, when we have more duellists and duels done. The system was invented for Chess, a pure 'skill' game, but En Garde is for a fair part also based on 'chance'. The higher the 'chance' influence is on the Elo calculation the smaller the distribution is. As a consequence, the algorithm has to get optimized for En Garde. As soon I change the algorithm, the Elos of all duellists will get re-calculated. So, your current Elo is not gravelled in stone yet.


Other News:

  • There are new Name Displays at our four pistes. For other users they will get bundled with the next Ranking Tracker.
  • The upcoming Ranking Tracker version will inform the owner about available updates.
  • The Ranking Tracker can now be pulled from the vendor in our fencing hall, for L$ 1.
  • Team play will be implemented soon.


Sincerely yours
Ravelli Ormstein

[2021-04-17 - 20:28] 11. Uploaded Missing Gallery Albums

Today I uploaded a bunch of missing albums to the gallery. I hope you like them:

[2021-02-16 - 15:01] 10. Weekly Fencing Training Every Friday 1 PM SLT

Dear Duellists of Caledon

At the request of new group members and in the hope of reviving the group Caledon Oxbridge Fencing (COF), I'm now offering a weekly En Garde fencing training session every Friday at 1 pm SLT. I hope for lively participation, lots of fun and that no one gets hurt. Coming dates will be announced in-world via notices in the group Caledon Oxbridge Fencing and in the calendar.


[2020-08-17 - 09:16] 9. RO PHP Destination Guide v.1.7.19

Today I released version 1.7.19 of the RO PHP Destination Guide. Some functions have been rewritten. Otherwise just some minor changes, but more to come. Test and download it here.

A list of all changes:

  • v1.7.19: View of categories now also shows the count of destinations in every category
  • v1.7.18: new function getCSVasAssocArray()
  • v1.7.17: About: Added an icon as image
  • v1.7.16: Added a favicon
  • v1.7.15: includesfunctions.php.flushCache(): Optimized for missing CSV file

[2020-08-04 - 00:28] 8. RO PHP Destination Guide v.1.7.14

Today I released version 1.7.14 of the RO PHP Destination Guide. Just some minor changes, but more to come. Test and download it here.

A list of all changes:

  • v1.7.14: functions.php: new function getTeleportButton()
  • v1.7.13: If SLurl is missing in CSV file, teleport button is red and blocked
  • v1.7.12: Bugfix: Back button does not work, if you access the About page directly

[2020-07-26 - 19:33] 7. RO PHP Destination Guide v.1.7.11

Today I released version 1.7.11 of the RO PHP Destination Guide. It automatically clears its cache as soon you update the CSV file with the destinations. In addition, some optimizations and bugfixes. Test and download it here.

A list of all changes:

  • v1.7.11: destination-guide.php.18: Removed the set time limit
  • v1.7.10: About: added missing alt and title to IMG tag
  • v1.7.9: functions.php: new function getLocator()
  • v1.7.8: addedd a .htaccess file to compress and cache data
  • v1.7.7: CSS: disabled selection frame of links (a:focus)
  • v1.7.6: Bugfix: Back button in About page was English only, now it depends on viewer language
  • v1.7.5: Back button in About page now returns to previous page, not to start page
  • v1.7.4: new arrows in the Back button of the About page
  • v1.7.3: destination-guide.php: Added support for control of PHP error reporting
  • v1.7.2: Bugfix: includesfunctions.php.showDescription(): When displaying destinations, the link to CATEGORIES contained a "?"
  • v1.7.1: Bugfix:  includesfunctions.php.showCategories(): Spaces in category URLs now replaced by "%20"
  • v1.7.0: Cache gets cleared as soon as you update the destination .csv file

[2020-07-20 - 19:04] 6. RO PHP Destination Guide v.1.6

In the latest release v.1.6 a new feature has been added, which automatically generates proper cropped and scaled thumbnails of your destination images. That makes your workflow a bit easier and the Destination Guide loading much faster. You can place JPG, PNG and even BMP into the image folder. Test and download it here.

A list of all changes:

  • v1.6.5: CSS: Teleport-Button: reduced letter spacing
  • v1.6.4: readme.txt: updated
  • v1.6.3: destination-guide.ini.php: Corrected one wrong default value
  • v1.6.2: includes/functions.php: Improved getURL()
  • v1.6.1: SLURLs in CSV without a region name are handled correct no
    (no additional colon behind output SLURL)
  • v1.6.0: Images are now being cropped and scaled to cached thumbnails
    •   can read jpg, png and bmp files
    •   if files in 'images' already at proper size, they will be used unchanged
    •   if files in 'images' are being overwritten, thumnails update too
    •   can write jpg, png and webp (webp should be avoided for now)

[2020-03-08 - 12:42] 5. RO PHP Destination Guide

Some weeks back I published the RO PHP Destination Guide, a PHP script, which generates a Destination Guide by reading data from a CSV file. You can use it either for your OpenSimulator based grid, or simply apply it to your viewer. In any case you need a web server or webspace supporting PHP.


Feel free to test and download it here.

[2016-09-16 - 13:36] 4. Updated Gallery

All photos until today are uploaded. The script in the background got optimized, so the pictures should appear in Google Image Search soon. Further improvements will come.

[2016-05-02 - 15:15] 3. Photos From April Are Up

Some new photos taken this April can be found in the Gallery.