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Caledon Oxbridge Fencing


The group Caledon Oxbridge Fencing was founded at 20th July 2009 by Kitiana Marenwolf. Its purpose is to offer a service to the Caledon Oxbridge University, its scholars, faculty members, as well as residents and friends of the Independent State of Caledon. Fencing was a common sport at European universities back in the 19th century.
Today it is captained by Ravelli Ormstein and Katrine Baily. Group membership is free. The group chat can be used to ask for opponents. As a group member you will receive further info about game play, strategy, team and tournaments.


Our group home is located to the east of the Caledon Oxbridge Park nearby the university. The fencing hall is open for everyone at any time. We have four fencing pistes - two downstairs, two up in the sky-box. So four duels can take place at the same time. The region is rated M(ature).

Our mailing address:
Caledon Oxbridge Fencing
Oxbridge Street No. 6
Caledon Oxbridge Village
Independent State of Caledon


The Independent State of Caledon is a Victorian Steampunk themed micro-nation. In Caledon, we aspire to a higher standard of manners than is common in SL. Proper class and decency in public areas is the rule. Period clothing and behaviour are encouraged and welcomed, but not required. We don't roleplay.


Fencing in Caledon uses the En Garde system created by Rifkin Habsburg. It is a turn-based game - you have to move forwards and backwards on the fencing piste to finesse your opponent. To win, you need a good strategy but also luck. The duellist who wins 5 rounds first wins the duel. While playing, you have to wear an épée and a HUD - you get both for free by touching a fencing piste. Originally, En Garde is a card game - published 1993 by Reiner Knizia.

When We Play

At any time! If you would like a duel, just come over to our fencing hall and ask in our group chat for an opponent.


Weekly training sessions are scheduled for Fridays at 1 pm SLT. They will be announced via group notices and at the Calendar.

Counting Cards

If you consider counting cards, either on paper or with a HUD, please ensure that your opponents agree, or that the host of tournaments allows it at all. Always fair play!


Unfortunately non scheduled. I'm currently updating the tournament system. From time to time we host tournaments. They will be announced via group notices and info boards. Other groups of Caledon sometimes host their own tournaments at our home. We have a tournament sign-up system combined with a viewer for a K.O. tournament system (Round Robin). It can be displayed via MoaP (Media On A Prim).


To keep the running costs as low as possible we offer some products in our group home. They were made by Oxbridge faculty members only.