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About RO LOD Tester

Get your copy of the RO LOD Tester in the Caleden Oxbridge Sandbox Studio.

About LODs

LOD is the abbreviation for Level Of Detail. Every object, prim or mesh, has four of them: LOD3, LOD2, LOD1, LOD0. LOD3 is meant to hold most details, to be displayed at a short camera distances. You can consider LOD2 as the standard one. LOD0 has fewest details. Depending on viewer settings, camera distance and object size, you will see only one of them at a time. Usually, if your camera is close to an object you will see LOD3. If you cam out, the viewer will show you LOD2 instead. If you cam out even further, you will see LOD1 and finally LOD0. This is meant to give you a higher viewer performance, because an object in a distance does not need to be shown with every detail - an object at LOD0 requires less performance to be rendered.


The RO LOD Tester is meant to experiment with LODs of rezzed and attached objects - to learn how and when LODs flip depending on viewer settings, camera distance and object proportions.


Caledon Oxbridge Fencing (COF)

The picture to the right shows four LOD Testers at different sizes.

Recommended LOD Factor Settings

Caledon Oxbridge Fencing (COF) NOTE: Never set the LOD Factor 'as high as possible', only 'as high as necessary'. WARNING: A value above 3.000 causes a drastic performance loss. Above 4.00 it can harm your system and lead to crashes!